(UK Ship) V2.3.5 Xhorse VVDI MINI KeyTool Global Version Get Free 96bit 48/Toyota H Chip/Remote Renew Cable

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Product Description

Xhorse VVDI Mini key tool can generate and copy the remote & chip with the mobile phone.
Support normal ID48 transponder.
Support list (parts of example):
Volkswagen, Honda, Cadillac, Fiat, Volvo,Greatwall, Zhonghua etc.
Get free copy 48 transponder (96 bit) authorization !! free Toyota H Chip Activation Authorization!! free 1 Year Token for 96 bit ID48 Copy (1 Token Each Day)!!
(Ship from UK) V2.3.5 Xhorse VVDI MINI Key Tool Global Version Support iOS/Android

Xhorsestore Promo:
Buy MINI Key Tool,get free copy 48 transponder (96 bit) authorization !! free Toyota H Chip Activation Authorization!! free 1 Year Token for 96 bit ID48 Copy (1 Token Each Day)!!

Get free Xhorse Remote Renew Soldering Cable, 2pcs Free MQB Wire Remote Key

Top 8 Reasons to Get MINI Key Tool

1. Global Version( US EU ME SA Included) including these four region car models
2.Newest Firmware Version:V1.1.2
Xhorse APP Version:1.4.9

3.Xhorse APP Language:English,Thai,Polish,Hindi,Chinese
4.VVDI Mini Key Tool is the latest key cloning device for 2019 year.
> Key Cloning ID46/ID4D/ID48/ID4C/ID72/ID70
> Generate various car remotes
> Copy fixed code remotes
> Check remote frequency
5. Smaller, lighter and portable.
6.MINI Key Tool with 3 color available:Red,Green.Orange,we will send in random.
7.Free with ID48 96bit,Toyota H transponder generation.
8.Starts and runs very fast: (20 seconds to test frequency)

Xhorse MINI Key Tool Parameters:
LCD Size   2.4’
Extra Power 5V/1A
Usage Time ≥10 Hour
Product Size 108x194x28mm
Weight   229g
Charge Current 1A
Battery Capacity 150mAh

V1.1.1 MINI Key Tool Update Info:
1 Add generate Buick excelle 4D70 special chip, American Ford ID49 special chip (need VVDI super chip support).
2 Fix chip 46 clone(type CDP, such as Mitsubishi,suzuki and part of honda).

Xhorse MINI Key Tool Function:
Transponder Editing&Cloning
Detect most immobilizer transponder, edit and clone common transponder in the market.

Xhorse MINI Key Tool Function

Transponder Generating
Support TP transponder & parts of special transponder more than 700 vehicle models, reduce the stock of transponders efficiently.

Remote Generate
Support 128 brands, over 2000 vehicle models.
Generatemore abundant and thorough key pictures, transpondertypes, key blanks and remote matching data.

Remote Cloning
Support the HCS/Fixed code cloning, support non-HCS rolling code cloning, support PT22XX, LX918, HT6P20, VD5026, AX5326, HT12X fixed code editing.

Frequency Test
Support the power test within the range of 300-450Mhz

Toyota H transponder
Activate Toyota H transponder generation function

Xhorse MINI Key Tool Function

VVDI MINI Key Tool features:
- can copy transponders
- works only connected with phone
- generates remotes and transponders
- seems like it has a RF and IR tester
- it is said to be available after some months of development, so not yet


MINI Key Tool and VVDI KEYTOOL are the same in the aspect of remote and chip generation & copy.etc function.
Both of them have EU/NA version.
Update firmware via Xhorse Update kit software.
Bluetooth Connection available.
Same Xhorse APP.

1. VVDI KEY TOOL can work alone, it can separately complete all functions except the online function such as 46 4D offline copy, and it can perform online functions by connecting to the phone.
KEYTOOL support remote renew function,MINI Key Tool not.

2. VVDI MINI Key Tool Only after connecting to the phone can it works fine.
VVDI MINI Key Tool Transponder detect,frequecy test can use alone,most functions need connect to the phone to work.
VVDI Key Tool can work with its own screen,ID48 96bit clone,ID 70/83 clone use on APP.

3.MINI Key Tool has 3 color,we will send in random.

4.Smaller than Key Tool.Price cheaper.

VVDI Mini Key Tool V228 Software Update:
Remote database version 228 update at 2019-1-25
add Hyundai Grand I10 smart key
add Hyundai Elite I20 smart key
add CRUZE smart key
add Ford ecosport ID83 smart key
add Nissan Micra smart key

VVDI Mini Keytool FULL Authorization:
AI - Car remote type Already activated
AI - Key blade type Already activated
AI - PIN code Already activated
Remote - Vehicle remote Already activated
Remote - Garage remote Already activated
Remote -Proximity remote Already activated
Generate transponder - 7935/ 46/ 4D/ 48/ 8C Already activated
Generate transponder -Toyota H (8A) Already activated
Transponder clone - ID48 (96 bits) Already activated
Transponder clone - ID46 Already activated
Transponder clone - ID4D Already activated
Transponder clone - ID4E Already activated
Transponder clone - ID70/ 83 Already activated
Transponder clone - ID11/ 12/ 13/ 4C/ 8C Already activated
Transponder clone - Toyota/ Daihatsu G Already activated
Transponder clone - Toyota H (8A) Already activated
Transponder clone - ID33 /42 Already activated
Transponder edit - 11/12/13/4C Already activated
Transponder edit - 46/ 47/ 48/ 4D/ 4E Already activated
Remote clone - Fix code Already activated
Remote clone - Rolling code Already activated
Remote clone - make new Already activated
Detect remote frequence Already activated
Set type of VVDI super transponder Already activated
VVDI Special TP Already activated
Special 4D to 4C Already activated
Unlock Toyota smartkey Already activated
ID63 to ID83 Already activated
Hyundai/ KIA PIN code Already activated
Copy BYD smart key Already activated
Detect ignition coil signal Already activated
Online technical support Already activated
Technical center Already activated
Video center Already activated
History Already activated

Package List:
1pc x MINI Key Tool Main Device
1pc x Charging Cable Remote
1pc x Generate cable

Contact Information:

Skype: Sales@Xhorsestore.co.uk

If you need any after-sale techinical support, you can inquiry this number: 0086 - 18813687743
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Mini Key Tool Overview and Unboxing

Tech Support

VVDI Mini key tool can generate and copy the remote & chip by working together with the mobile phone.
Support normal ID48 transponder.
How to install new Xhorse App and register VVDI Mini Key Tool ?

Check step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Download App

There are 2 ways to download App, scan the QR code or download App from Google Play store

1)Xhorse App QR code

VVDI Mini Key Tool

2) In mobile phone (Android or iOS system), seacrh “Xhorse” in Google Play Store
VVDI Mini Key Tool

VVDI Mini Key Tool

Step 2: Install App

Install and Open App
VVDI Mini Key Tool
VVDI Mini Key Tool

Scrolling app basic information display and press “TRY IT NOW”
VVDI Mini Key Tool
VVDI Mini Key Tool
VVDI Mini Key Tool
VVDI Mini Key tool

Power on VVDI Mini Key Tool, choose “select” button
VVDI Mini Key Tool

Allow Xhorse to access the device location
VVDI Mini Key Tool
App will display all available devices, press the device you need to connect
VVDI Mini Key Tool
Select database language and continue
VVDI Mini Key Tool
Mini Key tool is connected
VVDI Mini Key Tool

If App prompt there is a database update, do it
VVDI Mini Key Tool
VVDI Mini Key Tool

Step 3: Register Account

Go to main interface, press ME center
VVDI Mini Key Tool
Press please login
VVDI Mini Key Tool

Xhorse app ask to enter mobile phone to register an account

You are allowed to select area code within the app
vvdi mini key tool
vvdi mini key tool
Enter your phone number and verification code to login
vvdi mini key tool
vvdi mini key tool

Set and repeat your password

Your account has been created
vvdi mini key tool

Condor Dolphin key cutting machine shares the same procedure.

Now you can use the new App and xhorse tools.

vvdi mini key tool
Languages available: English, Polish, Hindi,Thai,Chinese
You can change any language yourself.

Firmware Update:
vvdi mini key tool
Database Update: (via a PC or mobile phone)
update on a PC
vvdi mini key tool
update on a mobile (iOS or Android)

The reason why VVDI Mini keytool is rolled out

There is no buttons and screen on the mini keytool (a mini display for frequency test)
All must be done via the mobile and connected by Bluetooth
All data of remote generation is stored in the mobile application
That is, the mobile provides storage space and screen for vvdi mini key tool
It can save a lot of money and engergy in hardware design
(hardware: the handheld machine, built-in battery, Bluetooth and buttons
main board: chips for calculation and data storage)
So you can get the mini key tool at a better price, 100 usd cheaper than vvdi key tool
All calculation or operation like chip copy is done via the server
Then transfer to your mobile by the Internet
So, the vvdi mini key tool actually is a tool for data read and write