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5 Xhorse Dolphin Series: Dolphin XP005L + Key Reader Xhorse Dolohin XP005L and Key Reader XDKR00GL Full Package
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Product Description

This is bundle package of Dolphin ii XP005L Key Cutting Machine and xhorse key reader.Key Reader Recognize Bitting Easily, excellent tool to work with Dolphin XP-005L key cutting machine via WIFI.
Xhorse Dolohin XP005L and Key Reader XDKR00GL Full Package

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Dolphin XP-005L Introduction:

Xhorse Dolphin XP-005L is a portable automatic key cutting machine with a small volume and is lightweight. It is an ideal product for locksmiths worldwide. 
It is a perfect tool for making keys when all your keys are lost. It can duplicate bitting and cut car keys or even some household door keys. Thanks to its compact design, lightweight, it is much easier to take outside to provide users outdoor and roadside services. 
Built-in well-known lithium battery, stable and reliable, support cutting works without power supply access. 

Highlight of DOLPHIN XP-005L:

1. All Key Lost
2. Key Duplication
3. Cut by Bitting
4. Find Bitting
5. Customize Key Data
6. Optical Key Bitting
7. Protection Shield
8. Support Bluetooth and Wifi
9. Free Upgrade Service
10. Take Photos to Recognize Bitting
11. Recognition (Work with KEY READER)
12. Smart APP Control  HD Touch Screen
13. Built-in Lithium Battery Easy to Carry
14. The indicator light changes color with the change of real-time working status.
15. Multi-purpose M5 Clamp(No need to frequently replace M1 and M2 clamps)
16. Massive Vehicle Key Database Built-in powerful database covers over 100 car brands, 2,000 car models, and 20,000 key data.

Xhorse Dolphin II XP-005L

Please Note:
Condor XC-MINI Plus can connect with xhorse key reader directly.
But dolphin xp005L, XP005, Condor mini plus needs to connect with xhorse app and Xhorse key reader.

Xhorse Key Reader Introduction:

Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader can identify key bitting within seconds because of its built-in optical key bitting unit, therefore, it is extremely convenient and easy to use. Users can obtain the precise key bitting results and cut keys directly via Xhorse APP and key cutting machines of Xhorse and other brands. 
Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader is a professional and portable key identification device. It can identify car keys (including plastic keys and aluminum keys) quickly and accurately on the market. With its optical imaging technique, whether it is a plastic key, an aluminum key with an oxidized layer, or a defaced key, Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader can accurately identify and read the bitting without breaking probes. Above all, the whole key bitting reading process only takes seconds, therefore, Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader can save time and effort for locksmiths worldwide.

Highlight Features of Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader:
  • Reading Key Bitting More Accurately than Taking Photos
  • Accurate and Efficient Optical Identification of Key Bitting 
  • Identify Aluminum Keys, Plastic Keys, and Metal Keys
  • Taking Only Seconds to Read Key Bitting
  • Avoiding Breaking Probes
  • Xhorse Mobile APP Control is Easy to Use
  • Optical Imaging Technique in Key Bitting Reading 
Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader feature

Key Reader Support Multiple Key Types:

Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader can track both external and internal key bitting.
Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader Identify External Key Bitting
Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader

Xhorse XDKR00GL Key Reader Identify Internal Key Bitting

Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader

Package List:

Dolphin XP-005L
1pc x Machine
1pc x Clamp M5 and link stopper
1pc x 1.5mm cutter
1pc x 2.5mm cutter
1pc x Probe
1pc x 2mm+4mm 3mm hexagon bar wrench
1pc x 3mm hexagon bar wrench
1pc x 6mm hexagon bar wrench
1pc x Power adapter
1pc x 1.5m Power cord
1pc x Brush
1pc x Product qualitty certificate
1pc x User manual

Xhorse Key Reader:
1pc x Key Reader Main Unit
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x User Manual

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xhorse key cutting machine


Xhorse key reader function display: identify HU66 key type

Xhorse Dolphin XP-005L simple display: basic functions and appearance