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Product Description

Xhorse Condor XC-002 offers 3 years warranty. Lifetime technical support. If you buy this condor XC002, we can authorize your VVDI MB one free token per day. Pls, offer us the serial number of VVDI MB.
Xhorse Condor XC-002 Manually Key Cutting Machine
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Why choose Condor XC-002?
  • 1. Precision Machining
  • 2. Column Cross guide rail
  • 3. Aluminum Die-casting chassis
  • 4. Renishaw line detection system
  • 5. 3-year warranty. Lifetime technical support
  • If You Purchase The Condor XC002, Can Bind with VVDI MB Tool to Get One Token Free Every Day.
  • If You Have Both Condor XC002 and Condor XC Mini, Can bind with Your VVDI MB Tool to Get Two Free Token Every Day.
  • Just Need to Contact us and Offer The Device Serial Number of VVDI MB. We will authorize it for you.
  • You Also Can Pick This Value Bundle (SL355-SK185), Save More Money.

Xhorse Condor XC-002 Specification
Input Voltage  90-240V AC
Input Frequency  50Hz
Consume 200W
Motor Rotation Speed Max 10000rpm
Travel of Spindle 27mm
Packing Dimensions  L595xW550xH375mm
Machine Dimensions L298xW445xH525mm
Spindle Speeds 8000-10000rpm
Noise Decibel 77dB
Working Temperature 0~50℃
Humidity 10~90%
Motor Torque 1st gear, torque 0.4N
2nd gear, torque 0.3N

condor xc-002

condor xc-002 manually key cutting machine description
Condor XC002 Function

Ergonomic Design
CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine ergonomic design for customers After deep studying of user habits achieved the best balance from optimal design and continuous improvement of all aspects, such as Material, length, radian, Grip feeling, the strength of control, feedback level, operation fluency. Excellent performance contributes to a veritable locksmith weapon.

Superior Machine Components
CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine is composed of high-level machine components, ensuring the high reliability of the indicators key cutting fluency and accuracy. Korea-made Bearing cage with high stability, cross rail tested by British Renishaw online testing system, japan-made materials key cutter with special coating contribute to perfect cutting.

Humanized Function
CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine built-in height level adjustment indicator light, Spindle height fixed function and cutting table stop design, setting motor speed by manual and including double-ended probe, supports track, dimple, other special keys, and more humanized functions.

Manufacture Process
CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine is an aluminum-casting body, more reliable and stable. Mainly mechanical units manufactured by Germany-made DMG CNC machine ensures the accuracy of machine structure and for cutting keys

CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine with independently researched and developed four in one clamp, a unique four-sided rotation design. Users can select different sides to work according to different key blanks. Easy and simple for cutting different keys.

Power/Motor Specification
CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine built-in superpower 200 Watt motor with max speed 10000rpm, supports setting speed by manual, according to different key blank materials Ensure machine with high efficient work.

Technical Support
XHorse technical support team is professional and efficient, online technical support for free. A three-year warranty and lifelong after-sale perfect service guarantee customers trouble-free operation of the machine. Customer feedback and suggestion are appreciated.

How to use Condor XC-002 key clamps?

how to use condor xc-002 key clamps

How to Get Condor XC-002 Key Cutting Machine Serial number?

When you bind condor with the VVDI MB tool, it needs to provide two numbers of condor xc-002 (SN: MK********   NO********), please check from a document like the following pic, or on the main body of XC-002.

Condor XC-002 User manual

Please Note

CONDOR XC-002 supports 110V and 220V. But the adapter in the package is China standard at present, please use Charger Adapter Plug Converter.

XC002 Detailed Display

condor xc002condor xc-002
condor manuallycondor manually key cutting tool

Package List
Full Set Condor Manually Key Cutting Machine

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xhorse key cutting machine

Tech Support


1) Insert the bottom of main handle into installing hole, which is by the right side of the machine body. Then cover the screw cap and rotate the handle clockwise until tightened.
2) If fully tightened, the main handle should be fix at a certain position and unable to move up or down.
3) If rotate the handle 180 degrees counterclockwise, the height of tracer and cutter can be changed freely.


4) Insert the bottom of sub-handle into the installing hole, which is by the left side of the machine body. Put on the protective bushing and then plug in the lower bearing bore to avoid moving. Cover the screw cap and rotate the handle clockwise until tightened.

condor xc-002
1) The left one is tracer and the right one is cutter. Put the tracer and cutter into the hole and to the top limit position. Then use 2.5mm Allen wrench to turn the lock screw clockwise respectively till the tracer and cutter are both tightened.
NOTE: When using 1.5mm cutter and 2.5mm cutter, tracer and cutter must select the top with the same diameter for processing.
2) Insert the wrench into the hole, turn the lock screw counterclockwise, and then remove trace and cutter.

Aim the bump (A1: underneath the clamp) at the cutting bench’s groove (A2), push toward the left until A1 and A2 (shown above) are fully overlapped. Then use 4mm Allen wrench to tighten the screw


1) When the installation finished, push the main handle. If the tracer is higher than cutter, the indicator light on the left will turn on.
2) If the tracer is lower than cutter, the indicator light on the right will turn on.
3) According to the signal of indicator light, rotate the Micro-adjuster until tracer and cutter’s tops have both touched the clamp. In other words, they are at the same height. Then two indicator lights will on, adjustment finished.

NOTE:During the height level adjustment, main clamp and sub-clamp must at the same side.

Rotation adjustment knob locates at the right side of the machine. There are two gears to control the rotating speed of motor.
1) When the adjuster is at the neutral gear, motor stays at Turnoff mode; when it points to OFF, the light will be on, means the machine is ready to work.
2) When the adjuster points to 1, the motor rotates at a low speed, about 6000rpm; when it points to 2, the rotation speed is higher, about 8000rpm.

Condor key cutting machine Specification Comparsion:

Key cutting machine Condor XC-007



Condor XC-MINI


Condor XC-002



Input Voltage AC110V/220V 90V–264VAC 220VAC
Input Frequency 47~63Hz 47~63Hz 50Hz
Consume 220W 200W 200W
Packing Dimensions L460*W 520*H 620mm L450*W450*H350mm L595*W550*H375mm
Machine Dimensions L336*W 407*H490mm L265*W362*H301mm L298*W445*H525mm
Display 800*480 1024*600  
Spindle Speeds 12,000 rpm 9000rpm 8000-10000rpm
USB USB2.0 USB2.0  
Working Temperature 0~50℃ 0~50℃ 0~50℃
Humidity 10~90% 10~90% 10~90%
Net Weight  31Kg 18Kg 23Kg
Gross Weight 35Kg 22.9Kg 28Kg


2.Xhorse iKeycutter Condor machines Differences:

Condor XC MINI master is the mini version of Condor XC-007 machine,can replace XC-007.And both of them are automatic key cutting tool.

But the new Condor XC-002 is a manual/mechanical key cutting machine.

XC MINI has no limitation in applied voltage, while XC-007 needs setting, use with 220V voltage